Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hello, how are you this time? if I, being in good.
Ok, on this occasion I will give you a guide 'How to Instal iMacros in Browser' but previously, if you know what it iMacros?

It must have been many who know about iMacros, especially the perpetrators of SEO (search engine Optimation). For those who do not know what it is iMacros I will explain briefly before heading deeper stages so as not to confuse the use iMacros.
IMacros is a small tool / add ons in firefox and chrome whose function is to allow a user to enter data on a web or on many web in one operation.
IMacros Usage example:
- Entering data in large quantities to the website (data entry).
- Entering data in a lot of data to many websites.
- Adding a facebook friend list them all in one click.
- memfollow twitter account list in one click.
- Submit your blog in various social bookmarking.
- Extract data from the web (crawl) and stored on the hard drive in the form of csv (excel).
- And many more.

Imagine if all the above cases we do manually, how long we were wasted just to do the same thing continuously. But if you use iMacros enough just one click and it will work automatically. Of course, before executing the tool we have to make the algorithm. Quite easy,
We just need to create the pattern by way of the record.

First, install the add ons iMacros first on your browser (I recommend using Firefox)
to make it easier, you can see it in the video below

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